Out 16 July 2024
Ever wondered why "Friends" remains a timeless classic, even decades after its original airing? This episode of the TV Comedy Podcast attempts to answer that and more as Amanda Davies and Jacquie J Sarah dive into the heart of one of the most iconic sitcoms ever made. 

Join us as we take a nostalgic journey through "The One with the Prom Video," sharing insights on the show's cross-generational appeal, unforgettable character dynamics, and even some of the more controversial moments that have kept fans talking.  Not forgetting Phoebe's now-famous "lobster" metaphor and its impact on Ross and Rachel's tumultuous relationship. 

As we wrap things up, test your "Friends" knowledge with a fun trivia quiz and discover some fascinating behind-the-scenes facts about the show’s creation. From the original concept and casting challenges to the unforgettable Emmy-winning moments and notable guest stars, we cover it all. Tune in for a heartfelt, critical, and thoroughly entertaining (we would say that) look at the sitcom that defined a generation. 

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